Sing​-​Along Hate Songs

by The Red Heroes

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released April 29, 2016

Recorded by Kevin Sparks, Album Artwork by Remy Cooper



all rights reserved


The Red Heroes Austin, Texas

The Red Heroes is a Pop Punk band hailing from Austin, TX.

Vocals/Guitar: Alex McElroy
Bass/Back-Up Vocals: Sam Allmon
Lead Guitar/Back up Vox: T-Baby
Drums/Grrrl Vox: Cassie Baker
Llama Handler: Jesse Clary
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Track Name: Sing-Alongs
This World, it needs another hate song to add to the playlist we put on when you're around.
And you can tell yourself we're joking when we look at you and say "Fuck you and everyone like you."
Track Name: Untitled: Cassie Hungover on the Floor Eating Chips
This song sounded so much better on my phone
When I played it in the bathroom as I showered every morning last week
I listened to it on the ride home
And then again through my headphones
But it wasn’t quite the same

So here’s another sappy song about my life
About everything that’s happened and how I still think I’m such a fucking joke
How I’m so sad and worthless
I think it’s fucking pointless
But I might still use the chords

And everybody’s got it inside them
A little sarcastic motherfucker saying “this is fine”
So when I’m burning alive
At least I’ll know nobody made me lose my cool
Track Name: Tired
It’s 2am and I’ve got so much left to do
I’ve got so much left to prove to myself
Prove that I won’t rely on a single other person
I’m not sad, I’m just tired all the time

I’m sorry that I didn’t know what to say

It’s 2pm and I’ve got nothing else to do
But just lay in my bed and prove that I’m a liar through and through
Prove that you wouldn’t do anything if you knew
I said I’m not sad, I’m just tired all the time
Track Name: Antique Store
Got a second job at the antique store
Got fired when I threw a case of jewelry on the floor
Screaming “no one ever buys this shit
Nobody that I know would ever buy this shit
How is this place still in business, I don’t fucking know”
I cannot go home I gotta find a place to go

Guess I’m moving out, guess I’m moving on
Nobody wants me here, everybody wants me gone
No one has time for me
Nobody ever fucking has time for me
I’m so tired all the time, it’s all because of you
There’s a liar on my couch lying in my living room
But no one ever buys your shit
Everybody thinks that you’re so full of shit
I think that it’s time for you to pack your shit
Get the fuck out of my house
Track Name: Weekends
People that work here know my face and first name
But it’s a nightmare getting service on the weekends
We should go somewhere we have never heard of
And if we like it, then we’ll make it the new spot

I’m not over this
Not quite over this just yet

People that come here make me so uneasy
I start to panic and then make myself small
We should go somewhere else I really don’t care where
And if you need me I’ll be smoking outside

We’ve been over this
I’m good for a couple hours at best

Calling you nightly; hanging up when you answer
I hope this counts as making an effort
Track Name: Kid You'll Move Mountains (Success)
This is not my dream, this is not my life
This is not the room where I spent most of my life
Hanging out, wishing I was in a band
Playing someone else’s songs and working for the man
This is not anything like what I had planned

Everyone says that you don’t fit in
Everyone says that you are spread so thin
It’s the same story from years ago
The kids are mean so fight like a pro
You know you’ve got the fire in your heart

Time is on my side now
Not gonna see me frown now

I know that I can make it happen despite the mess I found myself in
I get up

What the fuck, now we’re suddenly adults
I’m staring at the calluses in my fingers; the result
Of playing music every day
My parents said it’s just a phase
And I don’t think I will ever grow up
If it means getting old

I know that you can make it happen
Good things are in store so take that chin
And look up

If my friends are all I have, then I think that I’m doing pretty good
And I’ll never understand, no I never thought I would
Why success is defined as the thickness of my wallet
If I wake up, go to sleep, and I did what I wanted
Then that’s all it takes to stay sane
Track Name: Hate Song
This world, it needs another hate song to add to the playlist we put on when you’re around
And you can tell yourself we’re joking when we look at you and sing “fuck you and everyone like you”

You think you’re so fucking perfect?
I guess that’s what you’re going with.
Sleeping on the floor in a closet
And you’re all out of excuses
I’m not that into you that you can say things about my friends that are not true
Get a fucking clue and get fucked
I’m done with you.

You don’t care about what other people have to say
You won’t get an ounce of fucking sympathy from me
When I look at you I see a liar and a thief
You won’t get an ounce of fucking sympathy from me
Track Name: 2013
I live for you and you live for you
I didn't ask you for very much but you still couldn't pull yourself away
Left me alone in the dark to care for myself
So I fucked a cheerleader in the back of my car in the grocery store parking lot
I made you cry so much

2013, I can't wait until you're fucking gone
2014, a new leaf, another fucking song

Jealous fears and careless beers
Another night spent watching a pretty girl cry
(I'm not alright with this. I'm not alright with this.)

Co-op games and baby names
I'm on my knees
Watching my future melt away
(I'm not alright.
I'm not alright.
I'm not alright.)

I'm not the man
That I want to be
So go ahead
Get your fucking degree
Track Name: Quitter Heart
Ants in my shoes, I’ve got ants in my shoes
From walking barefoot in the kitchen again
And sleepily slipping on my Vans without ever looking down
But I’m kicking my blues, yeah I’m kicking my blues
Out of the window of a moving car
I hope they break all their little arms so they’ll stop clawing at my throat

I’m holding my sadness hostage in an old abandoned warehouse
I’m gonna kill my quitter heart if you don’t send $1,000,000 in unmarked bills
And a plane that’ll take me to Iceland

Feeling okay now, I’m feeling okay
But I’ve got people that I need to call back
I need to let them know I’m never gonna be such a letdown again
And I’m gonna be fine, yeah I’m gonna be fine
If I can murder every piece of my past
I’m gonna make it easier to be my friend, I swear to god

And I’ll make lots of money selling T-shirts on the boardwalk
I’m gonna write happier songs when I’m damn well good and ready
Is that what you want me to say

Is this your definition of a quiet social gathering
I’m gonna puke, I need some air
But I’m not sure where the exit is, oh fuck
At least someone get me a drink
Track Name: Sunset
I don’t wanna slow down
Not giving up cause we’re burnt out
It’s too bad we’re alone now
And yesterday was as good as it gets
I don’t wanna go now
You can all get drunk without me
I wish I knew what I know now
Back when I was scared and seventeen

No talking now, I’ve got something to say
I’m giving up; no point in talking over everyone
Let’s go get some beers and watch the sunset on the last day of our lives

Hanging out on the east side
Nothing’s fucking with me tonight
I’m pretty sure I’ll be alright
I’ve gotta keep my head above water this time

She says that it’s not right
I saw your car in the parking lot, I swear
I’m gonna be alright
Once I throw myself down six flights of stairs

I bet that 1950s haircut gets you all the vegan girls at shows
I bet your grandpa says he’s really glad to see you when you’re in his closet stealing his clothes
Track Name: Wet Dog Shaking
Please forgive the intrusion
I am a wet dog shaking in your living room
Getting mud on the carpet
Saucer eyes and I’m clueless

Always bringing you down
Always hanging around your neck and
You could send me away
But I think this is too much fun

Because I am just an illusion
I am a haunting spectre in your attic at night
Hoping to see my reflection
Trying not to be noticed

I don’t know what I’d be like
I wouldn’t know what to call myself if
Something took that away
Because I think I am so much fun to be around

Now I know what you’re thinking
Think you know what I’m all about but
I’m too cool to be honest
And I think I am so much fun
Depression is so much fun, oh yeah
I’m just having so much fun, can’t you tell
Track Name: Cell Phone
I broke my fucking phone today, my social life is over
I’m not going out tonight if I don’t know that you’ll be there
Cause I’m too fucking petrified without my pocket camera
I’m not going out tonight if I can’t prove that I was there
I’d like to be updating my status right now
Explaining vaguely how I’m feeling the saddest right now
But all this sunny weather and sky I’ve found
Does nothing for me without filters and hashtags
Now how do I get to sleep
I used to have an app for counting sheep
$1.99 on the app store isn’t cheap
Now I feel like someone owes me but they’ve already disclosed my information

No tweets, no pokes, no likes, no notifications
No new messages from pseudo-friends that I don’t even like
Sign me up, no joke, I’ll sell you my information
If it makes me into somebody that everybody likes
I just want to be liked

I broke up with my girl today, I’m glad I did it over
Instant messages and texts so I don’t have to see her face
I don’t mind talking to people, I just can’t stand looking at them
So the internet to me is like this perfect social space
Now I should go to sleep
But I’m looking at all your pictures cause I’m such a creep
“Summer Vacation Album” - all those likes were me
But I’m not the one at fault here cause you volunteered your life for validation

No snaps, upvotes, kiks, comments or notifications
No new messages from pseudo friends that I don’t even like
Sign me up, no joke, I’ll sell you my information
If it makes me into somebody that everybody likes
I just want to be liked
Track Name: Colorado
If I cut you open, would you deflate as all the air escapes you
There’s nothing left, no one here for you to say goodbye to
There’s nothing left that I can do
But I don’t approve of anything you do or anyone you talk to

There must be someone else here with my name
Or ghosts keep calling me; it’s all the same
You’re all the same

There must be someone else here with my name
Or ghosts keep calling after me
Eyes ahead, steady hands, I’d hoped that you would understand
But you’re all the same
Track Name: Anne
I tried to call you on the phone; did you ever think that I
Was thinking of you at a time, at a time like this
When you were nearly on the verge of spilling everything but you
Didn’t ever want to talk

Because these are things that you never say to your friends if you don’t want to be noticed
But you don’t know what else to say, and you just want to be noticed

It brings me down, it makes me smile when I think about you Anne

I’ll think about the time I bumped into you in line at the punk rock show
We danced the night away, then you had something to say but you didn’t know
And I know that I’m hard to reach but you’re always gonna get to me
You’re always gonna be in all our hearts

It’s 2am and you’ve got so much left to do
You’ve gotta be some kind of cool with yourself
Prove that you won’t be moved by a single fucking thing
No, you’re not sad, you’re just fighting for your life