Six Sad Songs

by The Red Heroes

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released June 29, 2017

Recorded and Mixed by Kevin Sparks of Stu-Stu-Studio in Austin TX
Mastered by Forrest Culotta of Stinson Studios in Austin TX

All songs written and performed by The Red Heroes



all rights reserved


The Red Heroes Austin, Texas

The Red Heroes is a Pop Punk band hailing from Austin, TX.

Vocals/Guitar: Alex McElroy
Bass/Back-Up Vocals: Sam Allmon
Lead Guitar/Back up Vox: T-Baby
Drums/Grrrl Vox: Cassie Baker
Llama Handler: Jesse Clary
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Track Name: 80HD
Making out with the memories of mistakes
We made when we knew we were hopeless
We get so worked up when we kiss
We feel the needles in our bones

We're getting our hopes up
We're feeling it out
We fake every injury
But at least they'll never know who we are

Getting weirder each week. We're branching out
Testing Methods dulling our senses
Digging into our arms to grab our veins
Cutting into the root of the problem

It's not really worth it
You don't even try
You feel every injury
But at least they'll never take us alive

I ended up back where I started
And I havent' learned a thing
I get so fucked up every night
I scream so loud that I can't sing

I get so nervous I can't feel
My hands are shaking at the wheel
I won't stop driving till I
Wake up in your arms again
Track Name: Michelle Carter
Got a text from
Michelle Carter
And she thinks I
Should Try Harder
In the carport
Hope the smoke won't
Ruin my Laptop

Going Shopping
For apartments
I have interest
In the closet
Take apart a
Disposable Razor
You wake up with
A note on your door

I don't get bored I am so numb
I've been here before I'm so dumb

Some people have to be alone to feel at home
Some people don't like that feeling

But I feel tremendous in your arms
Baby don't let me go
I'm so lost but I know
It's not worth losing my shit over

In the morning
Before we wake up
I made coffee
and wait outside
I stole your necklace
So when we break up
You'll come back here
And I can fix this

Stupid Words
A bold assumption
I deserve this
So I'm leaving
Everything is
Bound to happen
With enough time
But I can fix this
Track Name: Apologies for the Inconvenience
In the middle of the night
I think about the bad things
I think about the time I said goodbye
To my best friend

I wonder if I'm wrong
I wonder if I'm selfish
I wonder if everyone who left
Was right about me

Do we get a second chance
Do we just live in the moment
Do we get to just live and let live
And try to do our best

Or is it an exercise in guilt
Where we're going door to door
Apologize for past mistakes to even up the score
Yes, I know I owe you money
If I ever want to see you once more

Will anybody save our lives?
Are we all just meant to suffer?
Are we all just meant to fall apart
And be apart from our brothers?

Everybody has regret
Everybody knows the feeling
I just can't express the pain I feel
And I just wish things were different

Cause it's all that I can handle
just to keep from breaking down
When I think about what happened
I wish you were still around
And I wish you didn't wish that
I was someone that I'm never gonna be
Track Name: Sweet T-Baby Birthday Boy Colon Good Times
My apartment's gonna kick me out
On Monday
Hopefully I'll have a place to crash
On Tuesday
If I'm lucky, we'll be hanging out
On wednesday
Said you'll try to make it to my show
On thursday

And on Friday
I'm fucking turning twenty five
And I still haven't figured out
Just how to be alive
This world's too fucking much for me
I wanna fucking die
But at least on saturday
I'll be waking up
To your face


I messed this up as bad
As I ever fucking have
And you'd be well within your right
To make me sleep alone tonight

So go ahead
Take the razors to my skin
Exact your just revenge

And on Monday
I'm fucking coming back to life
And I'm still tryna figure out just how to be alive
This world's too fucking much for me
But I won't fucking die
Because at least on Saturday
I'll be waking up
Track Name: Player 2
I'm not a lyricist
So I can't write you a poem
So this song will probably suck
But I just want you to know

That I'll always remember you
I'll always remember

That I'm not a scientist
And I don't have a time machine
But if I could I would go back
To keep you here with me

I'm sick of always crying
I'm sick of always lying
to myself and saying
"It's okay. I promise. I'm just fine"

Because there's a gaping hole
In my heart where you should be
I just wanna be with you
Because you were my Player 2

And I'll always remember you
I'll always remember
I'll always remember you
Because you were my Player 2.

(Every Mother's day I'll miss you)
And I'll always remember you
(Every Father's day I'll miss you)
I'll always remember
(Every Christmas we will miss you)
I'll always remember you
(Every Single Day)
Because you were my Player 2
(I'm sick of fucking crying)
And I'll always remember you
(I'm sick of fucking lying)
I'll always remember
(I feel like I'm fucking dying)
I'll always remember you
Because you were my player...
Track Name: Ruff Day (❍ᴥ❍ʋ)
I'm freaking out now
I just got over the fact
That I now have all of this space
On my bathroom counter

It's really over now
I'm no longer your baby
And I haven't been this down
In like a week or two and

You made me buy all these black socks
Because you like black socks better
Than the ratty old pairs I wore

Now I am sorting through these black socks
Because you had black socks too
And you left all your shit on my floor

Maybe this time
I'm sure
Maybe for once
I know the answer

(You don't know what you mean to me)
And now I'm sleeping in my car
The sun is coming up and
[I wanna die!]

(You don't know what you mean to me)
Fuck you're sleeping in your bed
Right next to someone else and
[I wanna die!]

(I'm not making sense on purpose)
I'm not sure who's better off
I did too much cocaine and
[I wanna die!]

(I don't know what I want now)
This party's never gonna stop
And it's not worth it
I wanna die!
(I wanna die!)
[I wanna die!]
Track Name: I Wanna Marry Rick Perry
Got such a lovely country boy smile and
I'm going crazy for your beady little eyes and
The way that you part your hair

I can see
that you're just trying your best and
Despite what everyone else around you says
You're doing what you think is right

I don't care
About what anyone else thinks
I just wanna hold
Your gubernatorial hand

I wanna marry Rick Perry

All my friends
Say such terrible things about you
But I think
That behind the cameras that I know the real you

A gentleman
Who really knows how to treat a lady
Your good old boys too.

You're my special guy

To have and to hold
In sickness and in health
You and me under Texas Skies
Till Death...

..Do us part!

I wanna marry Rick Perry!

And you'll never secede from my heart!